The SeaGreens Story

Our Mission

To provide fresh, locally grown produce to Hawaii residents that is both nutritionally rich and harvested “Same-Day-Fresh”.

Our History

SeaGreens was started in late 2020 following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic which created a new focus toward healthy eating and potential boosts for one’s immune system. Requiring only a small greenhouse operation and utilizing sustainable farming practices, growing microgreens was the perfect solution to provide a nutrient dense diet for the local community. Most importantly, SeaGreens helps to meet the nutritional needs of Oahu residents in an easy package of greens that make great snacks, used in sandwiches and salads, or anything else one would add salt and pepper to. Starting as a small urban farm producing microgreens primarily for neighbors and friends, SeaGreens has grown to distribute microgreens at local farmers markets and select restaurants in the Honolulu area.

We hope you make microgreens an important part of your daily diet!

Contact Us

1110 Nuuanu Ave 1135
Honolulu, HI 96817